Exhibit Always a powerhouse event, the M-PACT Show has the reach, reputation and drawing power to deliver qualified decision makers with purchasing authority. EXHIBITOR INFORMATION

Large enough to attract a diverse crowd of top leaders representing the industry’s vibrant supply chain, yet intimate enough for exhibitors of all sizes to be noticed, the M-PACT Show delivers an unmatched platform to showcase your company.

Why Exhibit ?

Showcase Your Business

Showcase your products, services, equipment and technologies in front of a targeted audience of thousands of prospective customers — industry leaders from throughout the Midwest.

Scope Out Your Competition

Evaluate your own product or service strategy while assessing your competition.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Prepare your business by staying informed on industry trends for customer demands.

Who Exhibits ?

Retail, Wholesale and Energy
Energy Equipment and Services
Trucks, Transport and Fleet Management
Foodservice Equipment
Services and Programs
Merchandise, Candy and Snacks
Technology Platforms and Solutions
Propane, Alternative Fuels and Oilheat
Financial Services and Payment Processing
Facility Operations
Carwash Systems
Signage and Lighting
POS, Marketing and More

2023 Exhibit Fees .

Booth Rates

$3,045 – 10’ x 10’

(4 badges included)

$3,150 – 10’ x 10’ Corner

(4 badges included)

$2,940 – Additional 10’ x 10’

(4 badges included)

Truck Rates

$4,050 – Tank Wagon 10’ x 30’

(5 badges included)

$4,570 – Transporter 10’ x 50’

(6 badges included)

$2,365 – Additional 10’

(6 badges included)

Island Rates

$6,670 – 20’ x 20’

(16 badges included)

$11,185 – 20’ x 30’

(24 badges included)

$12,655 – 20’ x 40’

(32 badges included)

$17,170 – 20’ x 50’

(40 badges included)

Booth Application .

Each booth gets 8’ high back and 3’ side rail drape, 1-6’ skirted table, 1 plastic side chairs, 1 waste basket, black carpet and 1- 7”x44” identification sign. Excel Decorators will be sending out an exhibitor kit 3 months prior to the show so you may order additional items if needed.

Exhibitor Staff Registration .

Staff working exhibitor booths must register through exhibitor registration.

Non-Exhibitor Fee: $4,000 per person

To protect the integrity and ensure the value of the M-PACT Show, and maintain fairness to our exhibitors who financially support the show, any vendor or supplier who is not exhibiting will not be allowed to register as an attendee unless the non-exhibiting fee of $4,000 per attendee is paid. Any non-exhibiting vendor or supplier who does not pay the $4,000 fee will not be allowed on the trade show floor, and will be escorted out of the facility.

All registrations will be reviewed and if it is determined by the M-PACT Team that an attendee does not meet the eligibility requirements to register for the M-PACT Show as an attendee, your registration will be canceled without notice and you will forfeit all fees paid.

Show Hours .

Times subject to change

Exhibitor Move-In

Monday, Apr. 3


Truck Move-In

Tuesday, Apr. 4


Exhibitor Move-In

Wednesday, Apr. 5


Exhibitor Set-Up

Exhibit Hall Hours

Wednesday, Apr. 5


Thursday, Apr. 6


Exhibitor Move-Out

Thursday, Apr. 6


Where To Stay .

The online M-PACT housing block with special room rates is now closed. Please contact the hotel of your choice to inquire about rooms available within the M-PACT Housing block.

The following hotels will be participating in the M-PACT housing block:

Beware of Housing Pirates

Please be vigilant if any housing or any show agencies other than official M-PACT staff or Indiana Housing Bureau implies or claims an affiliation with the M-PACT Show. Unfortunately, some past exhibitors and attendees have fallen prey and have either lost significant deposits, been relocated with little or no warning, had not received their booked guest rooms, or they did not receive a reservation.