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The Equipment & Environmental track offers insight on new regulations on equipment, prevention, treatment and the changing technology of how business is being done in today’s economy.


Diesel Quality Insights: What Can You Do?

Diesel fuel powers the economy, but engine manufacturers and trucking companies report issues with today’s diesel fuel. Impacts to the quality of diesel fuel can occur throughout the distribution system, from the refinery to the retail or commercial storage tank; however, initiatives to address fuel quality tend to focus on the retail sector. From the terminal to the dispenser nozzle, explore best practices for the handling and storage of diesel fuel to maintain fuel quality.


Jim Rocco, Sage Risk Solutions, LLC

Michael Vanover, Clean Fuels National

Update on New UST Regulations: Key Issues, Lessons Learned

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and its state partners are implementing revised regulations for underground storage tank (UST). For many states, those regulations became effective in October 2018, with the second round of testing due in October 2021. Hear U.S. EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks Acting Director Mark Barolo talk about key compliance issues and lessons learned. In addition, learn what owners/operators need to know about where things stand on compatibility issues with alternative fuels, and how to avoid compatibility and corrosion concerns.


Mark Barolo, US EPA, Office of Underground Storage Tanks

Diesel Fuel Characteristics and Treatment Strategies

Recent trends, from crude supply evolution to more modern complex refining processes, continue to shape today’s petroleum industry. These contemporary trends and other factors have increased the variability of diesel fuel; in turn, this sets up new obstacles for petroleum wholesalers who want to treat their fuel for winter operability. Learn several ways to characterize fuel sources that will help your wholesale business pinpoint treatment levels, as well as formulations designed for specific cold weather needs.


Frank Bradley, ET Products

David Blackmore, ET Products

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Diesel Quality Insights: What Can You Do? :

8 AM – 8:50 AM

Update on New UST Regulations: Key Issues, Lessons Learned:

9 AM – 9:50 AM

Diesel Fuel Characteristics and Treatment Strategies:

10 AM – 10:50 AM